was established in 2005

with the foresight to become one of the leading Aluminium

Contractors / fabricators in Qatar

We are proud to be a lean organization,

and our motto is Work for Quality.


SKYWALL W.L.L. is a company specialized in a wide array of aluminium,

glass and cladding works.



SKYWALL has the capabilities and resources to respond to individual project needs through bespoke designs for specific plans, performance improvements and new developments to enhance both new and existing architecture.
SKYWALL provides technical support to architects and specifies including technical assistance from the design stage to the preparation of specifications and advice on tender documents, stability calculations, color and shapes.
SKYWALL also recognized the importance of fabrications and installation for the long-term performance of our systems. Therefore, we liaise daily with strong international training and a range of calculation, drawings and manufacturing software package.

We are committed to preventing accidents and injuries. No injury is acceptable to us. Injuries are not an inevitable part of doing business. We firmly believe that incidents and injuries are unnecessary and can be avoided. 

From estimating, design and engineering, project management, manufacturing, to site/field installation, safety cannot be an afterthought. We aim to set and maintain standards of health, safety and environmental performance across the Group which will ensure the health and safety of our employees at work and the health and safety of others who may be affected by our operational activities.



We have the latest 4 & 5 Axis Machinery – Quadra from Emmegi, the best machine in the industry.
Aluminium, cutting, milling, punching, bending, routing and welding fabrication processes are undertaken in-house, using our own skilled work force.
Fabrication is carried out using state-of –the art machinery, including Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment to ensure the highest quality and accuracy is achieved.

Estimating is carried out by experience estimators using computerized software systems to optimize material usage, increase productive and to eliminate costly duplications. Value engineered solution are also our main strength.



Every part of the supply chain is regulated by very stringent quality controls. In this way, we are able to ensure that our systems fulfil all product related technical endorsements.
Our internal system guarantees that every order is processed efficiently through all stages, with the means to identify and track any fault that may occur to address the root ___to ensure it is not repeated.