Our Company does undertake contracts as a turnkey job with all stages of execution done in-house as summarized below:


Estimating is carried out by experienced estimators and Quantity surveyors using computerized software systems to optimize material usage, increase productivity and to eliminate costly duplications

B- Design

Computer aided design terminals are used to draft and design shop drawings. Cutting edge 2D & 3D tools and technologies are used to ensure preparation and transfer of information on time. We work closely in collaboration with partners aluminum specialist curtain wall designers to jointly develop solutions to meet the most demanding requirement of today’s projects. Certitified structural engineers carry out structural design and analysis, backed by structural and calculation software.

C- Manufacture

Glass tampering, double glazing, cutting, beveling, polishing, drilling, lamination, ceramic coating, aluminum cutting, milling, punching, bending, routing, and welding fabrication processes are undertaken in-house using our own skilled work force. Fabrication is carried out using state-of-the-art machinery; including Computer numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment to ensure the highest quality and accuracy is achieved.

D- Fabrication Facility

  • Our fabrication facility in the Industrial area, street # 18, has a working area of 6,000 m2 +offices
  • It has been equipped with all the safety equipment necessary for a safe working environment.
  • There are parallel fabrication lines to eliminate the risk of stoppage in case of any machine failure.
  • The facility can undergo any sort of works for modern buildings exterior to subcontract any task.

E- Quality Control

All stages of design, production and installment are controlled in accordance with in-house documented lean procedures. When requested on major projects, specific quality procedures are established to fulfill contract requirements. Product performance tests for water tightness and wind resistance are provided for pre-production mock-ups and finished installations. Testing is carried out by recognized independent organizations such as Exova and Thomas Bell Wright.

F- Installation

Installation is accomplished using directly employed labor. Senior management provides supervision with international experience on major projects.

G- Transportation & Mobilization

Our transportation & mobilization capabilities include trucks, buses, platforms, cradles, total station, special scaffolding & cranes etc.

H- Project Management

A project manager is allocated to every project. The project manager acts as a direct contact with the contractor. Project Managers will prepare method statements for installation, and site safety plans. Primavera & Microsoft project are used for scheduling projects.


We are capable of providing financing means for any project by providing solid bank guarantees, bonds, solid securities and project financing & securities as well as project financing.

J- Health & Safety

Health and safety of our employees and the public is of paramount importance. SKYWALL is proud of its excellent safety record. All site fixers are provided with site safety awareness training before commencing work.

K- Financial Control

Strict financial control is maintained at head office on a project by project basis by experiences professionals. Budgets are taken as reference.

L- Maintenance Department

The department ensures a trouble free operation of various processing plant, production of machineries and equipment for the factory and sites. Managed by qualified and well experienced professionals regular preventative maintenance if applied. Thus, in addition to having parallel fabrication lines to ensure that work is not interrupted by any failure.

M- Internal Audit

Internal Audit reviews the reliability and integrity of information, compliance with policies and regulations, safeguarding of assets and economical efficient use of resources. Our books are audited by Ernst & Young.

N- Personnel Department

The department updates employees’ records using computerized data retrieval system. It handles local and overseas employee’s recruitment, and also takes care of legal matters of employees with immigration and labor department.